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  • What is an explainer video and what is it for?

    The explainer video is a powerful and irreplaceable marketing tool that gives clear visual presentation of company's product or service.

    The explainer video helps you improve website conversion, increase sales and attract new visitors from Google, YouTube and social networks. You can learn more here:
  • How does it work?!

    Creation of the template video is a complicated process, but we made it easier, so every business owner, marketer, webmaster and app developer could order an template video and use all its benefits.

    For those who are looking for an affordable and effective solution we offer “Template” video package based on the one of available video templates. The procedure of ordering the video and its delivery is described in
    "How Do We Make An Template Video?" article.

    Those who are looking for a high-quality template video custom-made by our creative video production team are recommended to check out the “Exclusive” video. Unlike template video creation, you fully participate in each stage of video production to discuss and coordinate our every step.
  • What are the payment options?

    We start making “Template” video after receiving full payment. For “Exclusive” video you pay 50% stated price at the beginning and pay other 50% after the video is 100% complete and approved by you.

    Financial transactions within the Semalt project are supported by the FastSpring Company - one of the e-commerce market leaders. We also accept payment via Paypal or bank account if necessary. You can learn more details from your manager.
  • How many video rights the customer is granted?
    After fully paying for complete “Template video” or “Exclusive video” you are free to put your video on, and other websites, make your own adjustments and use clips from it for your product advertising or any other purpose. The music tracks, however, can be used only in "Template" or "Exclusive" video made for you.
  • Can the video be translated into other languages?
    Yes. We work alongside voiceover talents and translators worldwide, so we have everything to make a video in whatever language you need.
  • Where can I see the samples of your work?
    You can check out our finished works at the Portfolio page
  • How to cancel the project I have already paid for?
    The cessation of work on the paid project and money refund is regulated by our Refund Policy.
“Template video” package
  • What is “Template” video?

    It’s a high-quality template video based on the one of available video templates.

    Your complete “Template” video will contain the following:
    • Textual info about your product
    • Brand logo, screenshots and product images
    • Original music track.
    • Optional voice over and sound effects
    You can see full templates list in our template video collections.
  • How much time does it take to make a “Template” video?
    It usually takes from 1 to 3 working days to make a “Template” video. Everything depends on how fast the customer provides our sales manager with necessary information.
  • How much is “Template” video?
    The pricing for our high-quality template video is incredibly low - only 249$. If you want us to add English voiceover (or voiceover in any other language) or make any adjustments, this service is paid separately.
“Exclusive video” package
  • What is “Exclusive” video?

    It’s a unique high-quality explainer video made by our creative video production team specially for you.

    Your complete exclusive explainer video will contain the following:
    • Selling script that will present your product in a creative and intriguing way.
    • Design and animation tailored to your brand, service or product on the basis of your chosen explainer video style.
    • A professional studio-recorded voice over to make your video creative, captivating and more comprehensible. We cast the narrator in compliance with the individual concept of your video, which is based on such characteristics as: sex, age and native language.
    • Sound effects and music to make your video exclusive, impressive and memorable.
    • Shooting the presentation object, locations and preliminary casted actors if necessary.
  • How much time does it take to make “Exclusive” video?
    “Exclusive” video creation usually takes from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on its style, duration time and customer’s participation: providing our sales manager with necessary information, taking part in discussion and coordination of every step in each stage of video production.
  • How much is “Exclusive” video?
    The pricing for “Exclusive” video package is individual and defined by its style, duration, creation time, shooting etc., but in any case we are flexible and ready to offer you the price that your budget can afford. To estimate the price of your "Exclusive" video, contact your manager

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