How it works

Defining goals

You give us a task and point out all your wishes and key elements that must be featured in the video. (Exclusive only)

Choice and purchase

You pay for the video template you chose for your amazing Explainer video. Unsure which template to pick? Our managers can help you. (Template only)


In order to present your brand, website, product or service in the best way possible we research it via survey and phone/ e-mail communication.

Storyboard presentation

We write the script based on the information we gathered, conveying the essence of our task. (Exclusive only)


A professional voice over actor records the audio in studio for your Explainer video.

Shooting the video

For better subject presentation our professional team can shoot the video sequence. (Exclusive only)

Design and animation

To make your video truly original, we create unique design and animation. (Exclusive only)

Music and sound (optional)

If you want your video to be even more creative, vivid and memorable, we can make music tracks and add sound effects to the video.

Creating sequence

We create a sequence for your future Explainer video, which is based on your video template of choice, piece everything together and brush it up. (Template video)


Your video product is ready! We give you your finished Explainer video in any file format necessary for getting the video uploaded to your website or
Let's make the best explainer video you have ever seen!
Andrew Timchenko
Head of Customer Success Department
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